Thank you Gift from EarthStones!

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Huge thanks to all who voted for EarthStones in the 2013 Avi Choice awards!! We won!! Drop on by the main store to grab your thank you gift! xoxox ~ Abraxxa

Thank you Pearl Earrings

CLICK HERE for a teleport to EarthStones Main Store!

Simply Put – Mesh

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New Mesh Jewelry Collection for gals and guys. Available now at EarthStones Main Store – Latest Releases.

Simply Put Poster Ladies

Simply Put Set - Amethyst Simply Put Set - Carnelian

Simply Put Set - Citrine Simply Put Set - Labradorite

Simply Put Set - Malachite Simply Put Set - Onyx

Simply Put Set - Opal Simply Put Set - tigers eye

Simply Put Poster Mens

Simply Put Mens - Amethyst Simply Put Mens - Carnelian

Simply Put Mens - Citrine Simply Put Mens - Labradorite

Simply Put Mens - Malachite Simply Put Mens - Onyx

Simply Put Mens - Opal Simply Put Mens - Tigers Eye

Black Friday @ EarthStones!

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Black Friday

HUGE SAVINGS at EarthStones & EarthDwellings!! SAVE 50-75% off entire stock of furniture, decor, and housewares in the EARTHDWELLINGS Main store *AND* SAVE 50% off red tagged collections in the EarthStones Main Store! Plus it’s a free group joining weekend!! Become a member of the coolest, hippest, stonery-est and best dang group on the entire Second Life grid (yep, really!) for the low low cost of Free!! Search groups for EarthStones or click one of the joiner signs in the main store! Happy Black Friday!

Precious Moments

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Locket and earring sets with matching bracelet and ring sets sold seperately. Locket Holds 100 photos! Engraving available. Visit EarthStones for details and order form.

Precious Moments Poster

Precious Moments Locket - Aventurine
Precious Moments Bracelet Ring - Aventurine

Precious Moments Locket - Larimar
Precious Moments Bracelet Ring - Larimar

Precious Moments Locket - Moonstone
Precious Moments Bracelet Ring - Moonstone

Precious Moments Locket - MoP
Precious Moments Bracelet Ring - MoP

Precious Moments Locket - Rose Quartz
Precious Moments Bracelet Ring - Rose Quartz

Precious Moments Locket - Sugilite
Precious Moments Bracelet Ring - Sugilite

EarthStones 6th Annual Mystery Hunt!

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Only 3 more days to go! Grab the official rules at the EarthStones Main Store.

mystery hunt teaser

Cat Eyes

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Cat Eyes - Emerald

Cat Eyes - AmethystCat Eyes - AquamarineCat Eyes - Demonic

Cat Eyes - PewterCat Eyes - CitrineCat Eyes - Blue Topaz

Cat Eyes - SapphireCat Eyes - TourmalineCat Eyes - Golden Amber

Cat Eyes - SilverCat Eyes - Smoky TopazCat Eyes - Tanzanite


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Ghana Poster

Ghana Safari 768

Ghana Ashanti 768 Ghana Congo 768

Ghana Nyambe 768 Ghana Senegal 768


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