Diamond Eternity Circle

•August 3, 2014 • 1 Comment

New mesh diamond set with texture change options! Available with COPY or TRANSFER perms. See Latest Releases at EarthStones!

eternity circle poster

eternity circle copy2


•June 15, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Now available at the EarthStones Main Store, and on the Marketplace.

Saranya Poster2

Saranya - Moonstone

Saranya - Carnelian

Saranya - Jasper

Saranya - Labradorite

Saranya - Malachite & Fire Agate

Saranya - Sodalite

Just released for The Boutique!

Chianna Jewelry Sets

•May 24, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Chianna Poster

chianna breeze chianna embers

chianna mystic chianna night

chianna pearl chianna turquoise

Isabella Mesh Jewelry Sets

•May 17, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Isabella Poster2

Isabella Arezzo

Isabella Carerra

Isabella Florence

Isabella Lucca

Isabella Siena

Zaia Bracelets for Slink Hands

•March 22, 2014 • 1 Comment

Add a fabulous bohemian accessory to your spring wardrobe and dress up your pretty SLINK hands with some brand new mesh hand bracelets! Available to fit Casual and Elegant1 hand shapes and includes silver, gold and oxidized metal change options. 100% Mesh. Materials Enabled. Copy. Choose your favorite or grab the hugely discounted fatpacks! Available now at EarthStones Latest Releases!

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_PauaMoonstone

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_AmethystZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_ChrysocollaZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_ChrysocollaCitrine

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_CitrineSpectroliteZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_MoonstoneAmethystZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_Onyx

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_OnyxOpalZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_OpalQuartzZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_PauaMoonstone

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_QuartzChrysocollaZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_QuartzCrystalZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_SpectrolitePaua

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_AmethystZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_ChrysocollaZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_ChrysocollaCitrine

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_CitrineSpectroliteZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_MoonstoneAmethystZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_Onyx

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_OnyxOpalZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_OpalQuartzZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_PauaMoonstone

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_QuartzChrysocollaZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_QuartzCrystalZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_SpectrolitePaua

Double Infinity Rings for Men & Women

•February 14, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Lovely mesh rings featuring a double infinity symbol with gemstone accent. These make perfect Promise Rings, Friendship Rings, I Love You Rings, Just Because Rings, Pinky Rings, Sister Rings, Brother Rings, any kind of ring you can think of!

Each is 12 rings in one, with silver and gold metals and 6 gorgeous realistic gemstones, plus full bright option and click to size, all in ultra low lag scripting. And of course you can wear it on either hand and any finger.

Rings are available in COPY or TRANSFER at the EarthStones main store and COPY ONLY on the marketplace.

Double Infinity Ring - Ladies COPY

Double Infinity Ring - Mens COPY

Sentiments Jewelry – Loved (Mesh)

•February 13, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Delicate mesh necklace and earrings. Includes gold and platinum metal change, a gem change menu including all 12 birthstones, full bright options, and is also materials enabled for that realistic sparkle and shine. Choose Transfer or Copy in the EarthStones Main store. Copyable set available on the marketplace.

Sentiments Poster

Sentiments Necklace Transfer

Sentiments Earrings Transfer


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