EarthStones Desmodus – The Vampire Bat

Meet Desmodus. Poised and ready for anything, this elegant fly-by night vampire predator will accompany you from the battlefield to the ballroom!

Available in necklaces for men, and necklace/earring sets for the ladies, in your choice of 15 different metal/stone combinations! Choose from Silver, Gold, or Black Steel, combined with Red Jasper, Moonstone, Onyx, Amber, or Opal!

Each earring features a tiny trio of bats flying beneath a moonstone accent. All necklaces are click to resize and are sold singly or in discounted fatpacks, so you can have one for any outfit and every gothic occasion!

Add a touch of gothic flair all through October and beyond with the Desmodus Collection, now available at EarthStones Main Store!

And for the guys…

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