EarthStones Eww!! Spider!

More creepy gothy halloweeny funness from EarthStones! Introducing the Eww! Spider Collection, featuring a cute and creepy onyx and carnelian spider! So far we’ve got rings for men and women along with some brand new belly rings! It’s all prim of course and the rings are click to resize!


~ by Abraxxa Anatine on October 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “EarthStones Eww!! Spider!”

  1. oh i’d love that as earrings….

  2. Oh my, I absolutely need to buy everything!

  3. […] Eww!! Spider Earrings!! Did someone ask for earrings? Well here they are! Choose from sexy BIG web earrings or a trio of playful spiders dangling around your ears. Or just get both and mix em up! Part of the Eww!! Spider Collection, now at EarthStones! See the matching belly rings and his/hers right hand rings right HERE […]

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