EarthStones at Secondstock!!

SECONDSTOCK!! October 24th through 26th!!

Woodstock 1969…it was the age of Aquarius…a three day gathering of the greatest musicians of the era performing for 300,000 people on the rolling hills of Max Yasgur’s farm in upstate New York.

Coming this October 24-26th is SECONDSTOCK, SecondLife’s 3-day celebration of Peace and Music with performances by nearly 50 of the finest musicians in SecondLife on the Secondstock Sim, a fun and exciting tribute to the Woodstock Experience.

Check out the awesome and adorable recreation of Yasgur’s Farm! At SECONDSTOCK you’ll experience all aspects of the music festival: psychedelic open tent shops, historical exhibits, skinny dipping in the lake, musicians arriving by helicopter, summer rainstorms, and much more!!!

I know a lot of these musicians and they are FANTASTIC must sees! And of course if you’re in need of any hippie jewelry for the event, be sure to drop by the EarthStones booth at Secondstock or EarthStones main store! 🙂

For pictures and more information go to or just visit the sim anytime!! Click here for a mini bus to Secondstock!



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