EarthStones 10L Trick or Treat? Mystery Hunt!!!

Feeling daring? Get ready for the EarthStones 10L Trick… or Treat? Mystery Hunt!!!

On October 31, 14 mystery bags will be hidden in the EarthStones store and around the EarthBound sim. Each bag will cost 10L and you will not know what is inside! (OMG!! The HORROR!!!) Yep, pretty scary, but it is, afterall, All Hallows’ Eve 😉

I’m not going to tell you what you’ll find because that would spoil the mystery fun, but I will tell you is that there are far more treats than tricks, and they involve terrifying things such as silver, gold, black steel, opal, onyx, labradorite, and more! You’ll find special editions as well as things you’ve never seen before. The value of the treats is over 1200L and there are indeed some unisex goodies so the men can play too!

The bottom line: Dare to buy all 14 bags and you’ll get upwards of 1000L in free jewelry! And you may even enjoy some of the tricks 🙂

And for you less daring folks out there, EarthStones will also be part of a grid wide freebie hunt at the same time, so you can drop on by for that too 🙂

With Love and Kisses,

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