Cheers! Champagne Necklace & Earring Set

Celebrate the new year with champagne glasses full of champagne diamonds! Set includes champagne glass necklace with dangling chain/diamond accent in the back (not visible in pics) plus coordinating champagne bubble earrings! All crafted of shimmering champagne diamonds!

No rotating textures, no transparent textures, and no bling! Just beautiful prims full of shimmer and twinkle! Perfect for New Years or any celebration! Available in silver or gold, and of course, the necklaces click to resize!



~*~*~* Happy New Year! *~*~*~

Also if you’re an EarthStones group member, RUN to the main store and pick up this special edition Dangle Beads set up for FREE! This deal is only available through New Years Eve! HURRY! But drive carefully!

EarthStones New Years Releases

One thought on “Cheers! Champagne Necklace & Earring Set

  1. Siddean

    I think you do some of the best jewellery in SL, and I would buy it for myself and friends and family in RL if I could get it! Have you thought about taking your jewellery designs into RL? They are really gorgeous! The dangle beads and the path-set diamonds and pearl bracelets are my favourites!

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