The Lord’s & The Lady’s Rings

Here’s a luxurious collection of regal rings fit for the royal family! These are available in your choice of Vampire Ankh, Gothic Cross or Pentacle and with Garnet, Emerald, Sapphire and onyx set in silver, gold, and black steel. All rings are accented with highly realistic diamonds, and you dont have to choose anything other than your symbol because all stone and metal options are included in every ring! Just mix and match your favorite combo and change it whenever you like!

  • 12 Combination metal and stone change
    – silver – gold – black steel –
    – garnet – emerald – sapphire – onyx –

  • Full bright toggle

  • Click to size

  • Transferable!

  • Right hand set (attach to left if you prefer)

Available at New Releases and in the Gothic room.

Lords Ring - Vampire Ankh

Ladys Ring - Vampire Ankh

Lords Ring - Pentacle Ladys Ring - PentacleLords Ring - Gothic Cross Ladys Ring - Gothic Cross

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