Acoustic Guitar Earrings

So.. prior to becoming an SL addict, I would actually do stuff in RL like…ehh… play guitar, sing, and even leave the house *gasp* to do open mics and whatnot. And so, in a little tribute to my oh-so-distant past, I’ve created this absolutely adorable and highly detailed collection of acoustic guitar earrings! 86 teeny sculpted prims in each earring and transfer for easy gifting! For musicians, music lovers, or anyone who just appreciates a creator going blind for their craft =) Hee! ~ These little cuties are available at the main store now.

Rock on! ~ Abraxxa

Guitar Earrings - brazilian rosewood

Guitar Earrings - burl

Guitar Earrings - black

Guitar Earrings - maple

Guitar Earrings - mahogany

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