EarthStones Trick or Treat? Mystery Hunt!

Halloween Hunt copy

It’s the biggest hunt in the history of EarthStones, with over 3000L worth of jewelry and accessories waiting to be found!!!

Here’s how it works:

This year there are *25** Mystery Bags hidden in the EarthStones main store and around the EarthBound sim. Each bag costs just 20L and contains a trick or treat worth up to 500L in value!!!!

We can’t tell you what you’ll find but if you dare to play, come on over and dig yourself up a Halloween haul full of silver, gold, leather, black steel, onyx, carnelian, moonstone, malachite, citrine. diamonds and more! You’ll find special editions of some EarthStones favorites as well as things you’ve never seen before!!

The Bottom Line: Find all 25 bags and walk away with upwards of 3000L in jewelry and accessories as well as some hilarious halloween trickery fun you’re sure to enjoy!!

And for the less daring folks out there, Come grab a Halloween freebie at the Customer Service Desk. All yours for 0L!

Ready? CLICK HERE FOR A LIMO Happy Hunting and have a blast!!

~ Love Abraxxa & Twist

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