Twisted & Stoned ~ Birthday Surprise

Here’s a surprise 99L special in honor of Twist’s RL Birthday! (Happy Birthday to now sleeping Dutchie!) And this, my friends, is one you absolutely do not wanna miss!

This stunning piece features two of Twist’s favorite stones, labradorite & moonstone on twisted silver. It’s copyable, it’s click to size, and it’s offered today only at the ridiculous OMG price of just 99L! And gentlemen, if you’re into organic style, you might wanna snap this one up too. It looks totally hot on my hubby and he loves it! =)

I’m just starting this collection and it isn’t even officially named yet. =) So consider this a preview, and your lucky day, cuz once this collection is complete, I promise there is no way this is coming out at 99L! This offer is for TODAY ONLY (Monday) and never again!! Don’t miss it!! 🙂

EarthStones 99L Twisted Birthday Surprise!

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