Stones for Haiti Relief

Hello Friends! To help the Haiti Relief efforts, I have placed a special donations vendor on the table just inside the front door of the EarthStones main store.

In honor of Haiti, I have added beautiful Larimar (found only in the Dominican Republic) to the arsenal of EarthStones stones, and created a special edition Jumoke Set in Larimar – your gift for donating $400L or more to the cause. 100% of donations go directly to Virtual Haiti Relief and you get this beautiful set of jewelry as my gift to you.

Please note this is a special donations vendor. You may pay any amount, but in order to recieve the Jumoke gift you must right-click, choose pay, and enter a minimum of $400L all at once. You can not pay in “parts”, donations are not cumulative. I can not combine donations and there can be no refunds.

Ok enough of the fine print. Come on down to EarthStones, give a little to help Haiti, and get yourself a beautiful set of jewelry in return. 🙂 Thanks!

xoxo ~ Abraxxa

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