Vintage Musical Pocket Watches

Ladies if you’re wondering what the heck to get that special guy for V-day this year, here’s one for the short list!

After several months of brainstorming, recreating, redesigning, overhauling, scripting, texturing, breaking stuff, fixing stuff, changing our minds, and doing it all over again, we present the final result!

Presenting the EarthStones Vintage Musical Pocket Watch! It keeps time, it chimes, it plays music, it changes faces, it takes notes, it snoozes, it slices, it dices, it won’t cook you dinner, but it might prevent it from burning!

• Musical Alarm with text reminders
• 5 Music box melodies
• 6 Stone watch faces
• Snooze Button
• Hourly Chime Options
• Independent Volume Controls for chime, alarm, and tick
• Set any time zone
• Sculpted hands and cogs
• Resizeable

Preview the melodies at the EarthStones main store! Find them at new releases and in the men’s department.

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