Zaia Bracelets for Slink Hands

Add a fabulous bohemian accessory to your spring wardrobe and dress up your pretty SLINK hands with some brand new mesh hand bracelets! Available to fit Casual and Elegant1 hand shapes and includes silver, gold and oxidized metal change options. 100% Mesh. Materials Enabled. Copy. Choose your favorite or grab the hugely discounted fatpacks! Available now at EarthStones Latest Releases!

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_PauaMoonstone

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_AmethystZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_ChrysocollaZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_ChrysocollaCitrine

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_CitrineSpectroliteZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_MoonstoneAmethystZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_Onyx

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_OnyxOpalZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_OpalQuartzZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_PauaMoonstone

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_QuartzChrysocollaZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_QuartzCrystalZaia Slave Bracelets - Casual_SpectrolitePaua

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_AmethystZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_ChrysocollaZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_ChrysocollaCitrine

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_CitrineSpectroliteZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_MoonstoneAmethystZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_Onyx

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_OnyxOpalZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_OpalQuartzZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_PauaMoonstone

Zaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_QuartzChrysocollaZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_QuartzCrystalZaia Slave Bracelets - Elegant1_SpectrolitePaua


~ by Abraxxa Anatine on March 22, 2014.

One Response to “Zaia Bracelets for Slink Hands”

  1. Oh wow!! I love them!

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