Bikini Beads

Here’s a hot, versatile must-have accessory for your spring and summer wardrobes! Wear with shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses, bikinis… or nothing at all 😉

Available in 5 juicy colorful combos for you, all with gold and silver metal change built right in. They click to size but won’t click to shape so please try the FREE DEMO first! And if you can’t decide, the fatpack will save you 25% 🙂

Available now at the EarthStones Main Store.

EarthStones Sylvan Special Edition in BLACK!!!

I did this one as a special request but it’s so sleek and sexy it just wouldn’t be fair to keep it from you all. So.. right now available in the main store is this special BLACK onyx edition of the Sylvan jewelry set and hip belt! I can’t say how long this will be available for but it’s not likely to be forever, so pop on in if you want it!! 🙂

EarthStones Symbolic Belly Rings!

Look how cute!! Check out these brand new symbolic belly rings now available at the EarthStones main store! There are 9 to choose from and you get both silver and gold in the box! You’ll find baby versions of some old faves and some new symbolic additions to the family too!

And these are of course all prim! No transparent texture ickiness… no gray boxes rezzing on your belly.. just real tiny prims in the cutest little belly rings EVER! And I’m allowed to say that, cuz they’re my babies 🙂

EarthStones Sylvan Hip Belts

Add a touch of boho flair to any outfit with these super sexy, highly detailed, and very hip, Hip Belts! Beautiful polished wood and stone belts with either silver or brass accents. Perfect with jeans, shorts, flowy bohemian skirts, even club wear and some dressier outfits! They are click to resize and there are 8 to choose from plus two fatpack options! Handcrafted with care in the woods of EarthBound!

Welcome to EarthStones, The Blog.

Welcome to EarthStones and my very first ever blog posting. Woot!

Yes I’m late to the bloggin’ game and there’s a lot to catch up on, so I’ll keep my introduction brief. Hi! I’m Abraxxa! My friends call me Braxx, my not-so-friends call me… well… actually they don’t call me. 🙂 I’m a RL graphic designer turned SL jewelry maker.

EarthStones focuses on realistic jewelry designs featuring the beautiful stones and materials mother nature provides us. There’s something for everyone with styles ranging from casual and bohemian, to gothic, to symbolic, to elegant diamonds and pearls. And there’s stuff for the guys as well as the gals.

Now because it’s taken me SO long to get around to blogging, I’m going to backtrack a bit and show you several recent releases. Most EarthStones collections have a wide variety of options, so I won’t overload you with ALL the pics here, but if you like what you see, puhleeze, drop by EarthStones main store and check the rest of them out!

I hope you like what you see here and I look forward to meeting you at EarthStones!

Now on to the goodies…