Abraxxa’s EarthDay Birthday ~ Group Gift

Happy Birthday to me!! Yay! 23 AGAIN! Hot diggity doncha just love this pixel planet? =)

So today is Earth Day which means it’s also my RL Birthday. And I’mma celebratin with a new group GIFT and a FREE Group Joining day! So come on over to EarthStones and check out the shelves next to the Customer Service Desk. And remember to wear your group tag!

Hello 2011 from EarthStones!

Wheee made it thru another year and what a year it was! *Digs out some fresh bandages* 🙂 Ok kicking off 2011 with a limited time giftie of champagne diamond earrings, available this weekend only for free if you hurry! Find em at EarthStones near new releases!


And for another new years announcement, we’re thrilled to announce that our little nook of the EarthBound woods has expanded with the addition of the EarthBound Cove region =) This serene watery cove setting serves as an expansion of the EarthDwellings main store where you can demo our current intimate furniture collection. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find there, we’ll let you discover the rest yourselves =) Free sailboat rentals are available for your enjoyment! It’s quite frosty out there tho, bundle up!!

Also available in PG versions at the EarthDwellings Main store! Come explore!

EarthDwellings on the Cove
EarthDwellings Main Entrance
EarthStones Main Store

WTF?! It’s my Rez Day?!

Yay! Another year older. OMG! Where did the time go?! So yep, turns out it’s my Rez Day (who knew) and I made no plans. Fooey. Any ideas?

Best I could come up on such short notice was to give you a free gift. 🙂 And since emerald is the birthstone for May I dun put out some veeeery pretty emerald earrings as My Rez Day gift to you. They in the emerald green bag with the bloons on it. You’ll find at new releases in the EarthStones main store.

Come on over! Stay awhile! Shop? 🙂

Abraxxa's Rez Day Earrings