Symbolic Belts

Get 9 belts in one with this new collection! Choose from Pentacle, Triquetra, BDSM, Yin Yang, or Peace. All belts are click to size, include 9 stone options, and are low lag scripted for easy wearing anywhere. Come try the free fit demo at the EarthStones main store!!

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Love Me Tender Musical Lockets

Looking for the ultimate Valentine’s Day accessory or gift? How about a gorgeous MUSICAL heart shaped gem changing locket with matching earrings available now at EarthStones. Lockets are packed with features and function including:

• 100 Photo Capacity
• 11 Gemstone Menu
• Plays “Love Me Tender”
• Volume Control
• Click to Size
• Full Bright Toggle
• Low Lag Scripting

With 11 gemstones to play with, it’s a complete jewelry wardrobe that will go with anything! Available in choice of Gold or Silver settings and includes Amethyst, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Emerald, Fire Opal, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Pink Tourmaline, and Diamond. Available at the EarthStones Main Store!

Locket Books for Men & Women

Book of Shadows, Traveler’s Journal, Necronomicon. Take your pick of these adorable book lockets that will hold up to 100 snapshots of your favorite places, spells, kills, dead or undead, or.. well, anything or anyone. =) Available for both the ladies and the guys and in your choice of COPY or TRANSFER. All lockets are low lag scripted with high quality sound effects! Findem at the EarthStones Main Store!

The Witching Hour Pendant Watch

The Witching Hour is upon us and so is my personal pick of the season! Presenting The Witching Hour Pendant Watches for gals AND guys! These gorgeous earthy pentacle watches are fully functional timepieces featuring a two tiered necklace with onyx stone point, 8 Stone watch faces, hourly chime with volume control, set any time zone, optional brightness control, click to size and low lag scripting. And there’s a smashing pair of earrings and even an anklet to match. Findem at EarthStones New Releases!