EarthStones Beautiful Slave Bracelet Set

You need only be a slave to fashion to enjoy this collection of Beautiful Slave Bracelets. I actually own a slave bracelet something like this in RL and it’s so much fun to wear, I just had to bring them to SL for you!

Fine cut prims appear to shimmer with every move of your hand adding a sexy touch with a bit of bali flair! Perfect for flowy boho, gypsy dressings or to slip on with your casual jeans and shorts, and yes they are simply fabulous with silks.

Both Right and Left hand builds are included, so depending on your outfit and preferences, you can choose to wear one, the other or both. They are click to resize and available in 13 stone varieties, with a 40% off fatpack that also includes a free bonus set! I’m not quite certain that photos do this one justice, so come on down to EarthStones and try a resizeable demo!