EarthStones Stoned Eyes!!

Want a new accessory to match your EarthStones jewelry? Check out the brand new collection of STONED EYES now available at EarthStones!! Now I know what you’re thinking… “but Abraxxa! I don’t even inhale!” Well I’m sure you don’t, but that’s ok, I promise these won’t make you any less sober either! 😉

Abalone eyes? Labradorite eyes? How about Tigers Eye eyes? I’ve got em! 42 beautiful stoned eyes to choose from!! Realistically sized and each one is individually hand shaded! Available as singles or in buy two get one free fatpacks of 3! Or save yourself the pain of choosing and save a whopping 50% off the entire 42 piece set!

However you choose to shop, make sure you drop by the EarthStones main store because right now I’ve got a lovely pair of turquoise stoned eyes waiting for you for ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

I’m not gonna go all crazy and post all 42 pics but here are some samples 🙂 If you likem, drop on over to EarthStones main store to see the whole collection and grab your free pair!