Diamond Gifts

There are a couple free gifties available at EarthStones right now. One is for everyone and contains two pair of teeeny weeny diamond stud earrings, suitable for the guys as well as the gals. Perfect when you want just the tiniest touch of sparkle. 🙂

The second bag is for VIP members and contains 2 pair of sexy long lemon citrine and diamond drop earrings. Remember to wear your EarthStones tag in order to get this gift.

Available through the weekend so pop on in soon if you want them!!

Abraxxa’s Earth Day Birthday

Happy EarthDay BirthDay to Peter Frampton, Glen Campbell, Paul Carrack, Ryan Stiles, Sheryl Lee, Jack Nicholson, and ME!!! Yep Earth Day is my RL birthday and I’m celebrating with some BRAND NEW GROUP GIFTS and a FREE GROUP JOINING DAY!!

And here are the new group gifts featuring a little Earth Day.. and a whole lotta Birthday Birthstone.. it’s a girl’s best friend!! 😉 AND You can join the group for FREE ’til midnight tonite, so come on by EarthStones today and grab yourself some fantastic free gifts!

Available at the EarthStones Main Store! Just look for the table with the balloons, right next to the Customer Service desk!

WTF?! It’s my Rez Day?!

Yay! Another year older. OMG! Where did the time go?! So yep, turns out it’s my Rez Day (who knew) and I made no plans. Fooey. Any ideas?

Best I could come up on such short notice was to give you a free gift. 🙂 And since emerald is the birthstone for May I dun put out some veeeery pretty emerald earrings as My Rez Day gift to you. They in the emerald green bag with the bloons on it. You’ll find at new releases in the EarthStones main store.

Come on over! Stay awhile! Shop? 🙂

Abraxxa's Rez Day Earrings

EarthStones Easter Hunt is ON!


This is hunt marks the 1 year anniversary of the first EarthStones hunt ever! And boy, do I have treats for you in this hunt! I gots stuff for the gals, and some unisex stuff, rings, earrings, bracelets, piercings, opals, diamonds, gold, silver, wood, fun stuff, home stuff – all kindsa stuff! ‘Cept bunnies. There is not a single bunny-anything to be found! This is all stuff you can use all year round. (I made a rhyme)

Stuff you’re going to ask:

– What do the eggs look like? –
Just like the picture. You can see a sample of the egg sitting at the bottom of the signs in the store.

– How big are they? –
You know how I strive for realism 😉

– How many are there? –

– How much are they? –
You’ll find eggs at 0L, 25L, and 50L.. unisex items say “him or her”. 🙂

– Where are they? –
That’s your job! And for all you EarthStones hunt veterans out there who think you know all my hiding spots, well… not anymore! With the redesign of the the store, there are about ohhh… a billion new places to stash tiny little eggs.

*** Just remember, eggs are not just in the EarthStones store, but hidden all around the EarthBound sim as well.
*** They are small so you must be near them or they won’t rez for you, (standing still and camming around the room won’t work.)

– What’s inside? –
I do love surprises, but here’s a peek at some of the things you’ll find in this hunt:


And finally… as many of you know, my hunts are never easy, but with such great deals to be found, this is a particularly difficult hunt. You are certainly welcome to search and whisper with friends, but please do not post lists, shout or use group chat to share locations, and *please, pretty please, don’t IM me for hints.*

Ok ready? Hunt is on! You guys are the BEST!! (please don’t kill me for making this hard) Good luck! Have fun! Happy Easter!!

*** Click here for a TP ***


EarthStones Thanksgiving Specials and Freebie!

Available now thru Thanksgiving only!!! Come take advantage of super low pricing on these tasty Thanksgiving specials! I’ve called these sets harvest – all done up in a warm and yummy combination of golden calcite, tigers eye, and carnelian. A steal at around 1/3 of regular cost and you can grab a coordinating bangle set absolutely free! These will be gone after Thanksgiving so gettem while they’re here!!