Vintage Phonographs!

Gorgeous vintage phonographs with intricate stone inlay detail makes a stunning addition to your home or club decor, but more than that, thanks to the hard work on the part of a certain twisted hubby of mine, it works! OMG if he wasn’t so far away, I would pinch his little dutch cheek right off! Lookit all this:

• 10 vintage recordings including 4 classical and 6 big band giving you a full 52 minutes of recorded music!
• PLUS, it’s also a land radio! We’ve preloaded these babies with a 30 radio streams in a wide variety of genres from pop rock, to classic rock.. from smooth jazz to heavy metal, 24 hour Pink Floyd, 24 hour Grateful Dead, ambient goth, even “that Earthstones stream” so many people ask me about.. and so much more!!
• PLUS.. you can customize and add your own favorite radio streams
• PLUS.. you can set your own access list so friends can control your land radio,
• PLUS.. you get a land relay for use on group owned land,
• PLUS.. it’s fully and REALISTICALLY ANIMATED! The handle cranks, the record spins, the needle does all the needle-ly stuff you’d expect the needle to do.
• AND.. it’s only 10 prims!

Choose from Walnut with Abalone Inlay, Cherry with Mother of Pearl Inlay, or Ebony with Red Jasper Inlay.

I LOVE THIS THING!! And it’s transfer! What a great gift for any vintage lover, music lover, club or home owner!!! Come try out the records in the demo and shake a leg!