Symbolic Anklets

Here’s a nifty new collection of symbolic anklets, perfect for adding that extra spring touch to your legs. All anklets feature a big stone change collection giving you a fatpack of colors in every anklet! Just choose your favorite symbolic. All anklets are copy, menu driven, and low lag scripted. Available at the EarthStones Main Store now 🙂

EarthStones Hair Beads ~ Unisex!!

Here’s a super cool look for summer! I used to make stuff like this in RL ages ago and I’ve been dying to do them here. Yay! I can at last cross this one off the list! And they are awesome! You get both a left and a right single so you can switch sides depending on your hair style, as well as a headband with beads on both sides. So three pieces in the set. They are click to size and you can mix and match 12 COMBINATIONS of leather and accent beads! Adorable on the girls, hot on the guys. Great for the beach and all your fun summer looks! ~ Oh and get big savings on the fatpack too!

Here’s a shot of the hair beads worn with some other EarthStones pieces. Everything worn is listed on the pic! 🙂

beads and beads

hair beads - serenityhair beads - rastahair beads - earthhair beads - twilight
hair beads - rainbow