EarthStones 11th Annual Mystery Hunt!

mystery hunt teaser ad 2018

Find 22 EarthStones Mystery Bags hidden throughout EarthStones and the EarthBound Sim. The bags are packed with first quality EarthStones treats with each bag priced from 0 – 99. Buy as you dare, or all you can find. There’s a load for the gals and some for the guys with a total hunt value of over L$7000! Enjoy the hunt and Happy Halloween!


EarthStones Easter Hunt is ON!


This is hunt marks the 1 year anniversary of the first EarthStones hunt ever! And boy, do I have treats for you in this hunt! I gots stuff for the gals, and some unisex stuff, rings, earrings, bracelets, piercings, opals, diamonds, gold, silver, wood, fun stuff, home stuff – all kindsa stuff! ‘Cept bunnies. There is not a single bunny-anything to be found! This is all stuff you can use all year round. (I made a rhyme)

Stuff you’re going to ask:

– What do the eggs look like? –
Just like the picture. You can see a sample of the egg sitting at the bottom of the signs in the store.

– How big are they? –
You know how I strive for realism 😉

– How many are there? –

– How much are they? –
You’ll find eggs at 0L, 25L, and 50L.. unisex items say “him or her”. 🙂

– Where are they? –
That’s your job! And for all you EarthStones hunt veterans out there who think you know all my hiding spots, well… not anymore! With the redesign of the the store, there are about ohhh… a billion new places to stash tiny little eggs.

*** Just remember, eggs are not just in the EarthStones store, but hidden all around the EarthBound sim as well.
*** They are small so you must be near them or they won’t rez for you, (standing still and camming around the room won’t work.)

– What’s inside? –
I do love surprises, but here’s a peek at some of the things you’ll find in this hunt:


And finally… as many of you know, my hunts are never easy, but with such great deals to be found, this is a particularly difficult hunt. You are certainly welcome to search and whisper with friends, but please do not post lists, shout or use group chat to share locations, and *please, pretty please, don’t IM me for hints.*

Ok ready? Hunt is on! You guys are the BEST!! (please don’t kill me for making this hard) Good luck! Have fun! Happy Easter!!

*** Click here for a TP ***


EarthStones Holiday Hunt!


Those pesky elves!! Some of Santa’s mischievous little helpers snuck into EarthStones and slashed 50% off 40 random items throughout the store!!! To make matters worse, they dug into my secret stash and hid free gifts for guys and gals all over the sim!! Hurry in and find the mismarked goodies and gift boxes before I clean it all up, and get yourself some great deals!!

How long will it last? I dunno.. one day?.. maybe two? Hard to say, but it won’t last long and it’s on NOW, so HURRY!


There are 40 items in the store mismarked at 50% off!! Look thru the displays to find them! They could be anything!

There are 8 FREE gifts hidden around the EarthStones store and the EarthBound sim. 5 are for the ladies, and 3 for the guys! (marked MENS) They are in boxes and bags like you see under the EarthStones Christmas tree (but those aren’t them!)

There is no peeking! And you can’t open till Christmas!! (I’ll just have to trust you on that one. 😉

Store cards will not work on hunt items and hunt items may not be ordered for gifting.

And lastly, hunting with a friend is just fine, but as many of you already know, I don’t give hints and anyone caught sharing lists or shouting info gonna get the punt! 🙂

With Hugs & Kisses & Peace & Love~