Happy Earth Day (My Birthday) Gift!

Happy Earth Day (My Birthday) Gift!!

Yes it’s true! Earth Day is my RL birthday! Coincidence? Who knows, but before I wander off to cry about it, I got a Happy Birthday to me – GIFT FOR YOU at the main store! And it’s resizeable for guys & gals! (and maybe buy something too, k? It’s my birthday! =)

Happy Earth Day!
~ Abraxxa

EarthStones Sylvan Double Bracelets!

Newly added to the Sylvan collection are some super chic polished wood and stone bracelets! Looks like two bracelets but uses only one attachment point. A perfect compliment to the Sylvan hip belts!

Need some coordinating jewelry ideas? Here’s a quick snap of me enjoying an oh-so-rare break! I’m wearing the Sylvan Bracelets and Hip Belts in Apatite, Beaded Bangles in earthy gold, and Crystal Elements Necklace in earth/gold. Tres boho cool! (or however one would say that in french šŸ™‚ All available at EarthStones main store.

Crystal Elements Necklace Sets!

Ahhhhh yes! The spicy scent of autumn leaves.. the blazing foliage… the refreshing crisp air… the fall season has arrived on EarthBound..

It’s my favorite time of year, and to kick things off I really wanted to do something special for this release. And what I’ve come up with is a brand new collection of necklaces simply perfect for your sweaters and other fall fashions!

Presenting the Crystal Elements Collection! This is a spectacular collection of long tiered crystal neckaces that has been weeks in the making and……… it’s convertible!! You get two necklaces in each box and you can wear either of them separately or both together, giving you 3 different options! Choose from earth, air, fire, water, or spirit, set in your choice of gold or silver!

Come celebrate autumn with us at EarthStones! Just grab yourself a free mug of hot apple cider at the door and take a stroll around the shops while enjoying the lovely EarthBound foliage!

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