EarthStones Symbolic Belly Rings!

Look how cute!! Check out these brand new symbolic belly rings now available at the EarthStones main store! There are 9 to choose from and you get both silver and gold in the box! You’ll find baby versions of some old faves and some new symbolic additions to the family too!

And these are of course all prim! No transparent texture ickiness… no gray boxes rezzing on your belly.. just real tiny prims in the cutest little belly rings EVER! And I’m allowed to say that, cuz they’re my babies 🙂

EarthStones Tree of Life Kabbalah Jewelry

This piece is extra special to me because I actually own this necklace in real life. It is one of my favorite pieces, and I wanted to create a replica of it for second life. I will also admit that I am not extremely knowlegeable about Kabbalah, but rather I purchased this because I am simply drawn to symbolism, the mystical, and beautiful jewelry 🙂

My real life piece does not have matching earrings nor do the stones match any of the tree of life diagrams I have found. My SL version does, and I found a neat little interactive site that will give you an overview and you can click on the colored balls to read more about each of their meanings. You can click here to check that out: Kabbalah Tree of Life

I have created these pieces for both women and men, they are copy only, and the necklaces are click to resize. Here are the pics, along with a photo of my RL necklace. I enjoyed creating this for second life, and hope you will like it too. 🙂