Zahra Collection


If you loved the Twisted & Stoned bracelet I did for Twist’s Birthday, here’s the official complete collection (renamed) as promised! Organic bohemian style in a gorgeous variety of stone combinations! All available seperately so you can get just the pieces you want. Can’t decide on colors? There are fatpacks available too!

Available now at the Clothing Fair only! (New York Sim)

Mahika Collection

New stone jewelry sets now at the EarthStones Main Store! Choice of metal or wood accents, scripted for metal change, wood change, and click to size! Each collection is available in your choice of 5 gorgeous stone combinations or grab a fatpack for big savings!


mahika - vitality

mahika - inspiration

mahika - mystical

mahika - elegance

mahika - fertility


mahika - meditation

mahika - autumn

mahika - truth

mahika - earth

mahika - wisdom

EarthStones Nature’s Beauty Rings

Here are some lovely silver and stone rings offered up in a whopping selection of 18 stones and combinations!

The rings are set for the right hand so you won’t lose your wedding bands, but they’re also copiable so you can make one for the left hand too if you like. And if you’re fed up with rings in SL being just too huge, you don’t have to worry about that with this one because they are all scripted to resize at a touch! You’ll get a perfect fit with these for hand sizes 18 and up!

There’s a great deal on fatpacks available plus each pack comes with a bonus ring not available elsewhere. So you get 10 rings in each fatpack!

Here are half of them! Come on down to EarthStones to see them all!

EarthStones Dangle Beads Collection

The Dangle Beads Collection answers the need for fun, flirty, and incredibly versatile. This collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, will take you from gypsy days, to elegant evenings, and everywhere in between. Necklaces and bracelets are resizeable and all pieces are available individually.

Come see the whole collection at EarthStones Main Store!