Endear Lock & Key Collection


Perfect Fit

EarthStones Puzzle piece necklace sets with birthstone menu. Available in His & Hers, Hers & Hers, and His & His sets. Perfect for partners, spouses, best friends, soulmates.. anyone special! Transferable and available only at the EarthStones main store. Matching earrings sold seperately.

Visit the EarthStones Main Store
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Visit the EarthStones Main Store
Shop EarthStones on the Marketplace

To Die For

Wedding Rings To Die For!

Vintage Gothic wedding rings with a load of gemstone options! Choose shimmering black or blazing white diamond accents and from 6 large gemstones including diamond, black diamond, garnet, sapphire, amethyst, and emerald. And you can change your ring anytime to suit your mood or attire.

Her ring features hide/show from engagement to wedding set, and all rings feature multi-zone gemstone change, click to size, full bright gemstone options and are low lag scripted. Includes customizable proposal box with original animation that can be set to match the gemstone combination you wish to propose with.

View photos to see some of the stone combinations you can create with these rings.

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Damiana & Damian Amulets

October has arrived and Halloween approaches!! And that means time for some new gothic here at EarthStones! Presenting a collection of gothic amulets & earring sets for the ladies, matching amulets for the gents, and some new slave bracelets (or hand bracelets) to complete the look. Available in four juicy gemstone choices and discounted fatpacks. Available now at EarthStones.