A popular Native American legend, the dreamcatcher works by entangling bad dreams and nightmares in its webby strands, allowing only good dreams to pass through the center hole to its owner.

This collection of Dreamcatcher jewelry sets features natural stones in beautiful combinations adorning sterling silver dreamcatcher necklaces with matching earrings. Necklace features low lag resize scripting and these sets are COPY only. Available in single sets or save with the discounted fatpack! Find them in the Main Store at New Releases.

May this collection bring you only the most pleasant of dreams. Enjoy!

Hippie Bracelets & Anklets

Springtime is hippie time with lots of color and carefree styles! I’mma celebrating with a collection of triple hippie bracelets and coordinating anklets featuring woven leathers and fabrics, stone beads… and a little sunshine 🙂

These are UNISEX and absolutely fabulous on both the gals and the guys! And they’re copyable so you can make a copy for each wrist and ankle if you wanna load up! Discounted fatpacks are available! Find them at latest releases in the EarthStones Main Store.

Twisted & Stoned ~ Birthday Surprise

Here’s a surprise 99L special in honor of Twist’s RL Birthday! (Happy Birthday to now sleeping Dutchie!) And this, my friends, is one you absolutely do not wanna miss!

This stunning piece features two of Twist’s favorite stones, labradorite & moonstone on twisted silver. It’s copyable, it’s click to size, and it’s offered today only at the ridiculous OMG price of just 99L! And gentlemen, if you’re into organic style, you might wanna snap this one up too. It looks totally hot on my hubby and he loves it! =)

I’m just starting this collection and it isn’t even officially named yet. =) So consider this a preview, and your lucky day, cuz once this collection is complete, I promise there is no way this is coming out at 99L! This offer is for TODAY ONLY (Monday) and never again!! Don’t miss it!! 🙂

EarthStones 99L Twisted Birthday Surprise!

EarthStones Hair Beads ~ Unisex!!

Here’s a super cool look for summer! I used to make stuff like this in RL ages ago and I’ve been dying to do them here. Yay! I can at last cross this one off the list! And they are awesome! You get both a left and a right single so you can switch sides depending on your hair style, as well as a headband with beads on both sides. So three pieces in the set. They are click to size and you can mix and match 12 COMBINATIONS of leather and accent beads! Adorable on the girls, hot on the guys. Great for the beach and all your fun summer looks! ~ Oh and get big savings on the fatpack too!

Here’s a shot of the hair beads worn with some other EarthStones pieces. Everything worn is listed on the pic! 🙂

beads and beads

hair beads - serenityhair beads - rastahair beads - earthhair beads - twilight
hair beads - rainbow

EarthStones Native Spirit Bracelets

If you’re a fan of handmade jewelry, then you just might fall in love with this new bold and beautiful collection of Native American inspired cuff style bracelets! Handcrafted with 215 prims of detail and available in a variety of colors and patterns to compliment all your casuals! Copiable and click to size! Want them all? Save with a fatpack!

Available now at EarthStones Main Store!


EarthStones Inlaid Spirit Collection

Inlaid Spirit is a highly detailed native american inspired collection featuring stones inlaid in silver inlaid in wood, trimmed in silver, and accented with little wood beads. Necklaces and earrings are sold as a set, and matching bracelets are available seperately. All necklaces and bracelets also have scripted resizing so you can get a perfect fit!

For the sake of time and space, I’m only going to post a few of them here but there are 12 “spirits” for you to choose from including Adventurous, Carefree, Cheerful, Confident, Dramatic, Earthy, Fiery, Mysterious, Passionate, Pure, Relaxed, & Serene. What’s your spirit today?

See the entire Inlaid Spirit Collection at EarthStones Main Store!