A Little Peace… And a tale.

I’ve a little backstory to this one. Ok so… Earlier this month I went a RL Jewelry Expo. (danger danger). I walked in the door fully under control and sworn to a strict $50 budget.. tops. So here I am walking row after row of fabulous jewelry… touching it, trying it on, asking prices (“this is $6000 ma’am after the 50% off” *gasp*drop*run*) Ok so far, no problemo. Palms sweating, holding my breath.. spending nothing… well.. ‘cept my sister made me buy us lunch which took most of the measly $20 cash I had.

Then I fall in love with some crazy $95 rock bracelet and my sister buys it for me as a belated birthday gift. GREAT! I’m good to go… got cool stuffage and still have my budget intact. Yay! Then suddenly… *insert menacing music here* … sis says, “Oh look at those cute little diamond peace sign earrings”.

Groan… two weakness in one. Yes it’s true, despite the fact that I haven’t created many of them in SL, I am as much a sucker for diamonds as any other girl.. they are afterall, my birthstone. 🙂 And the peace sign well… I’m sure this will come as a bit of a surprise to you all, but I’ve always been something of a hippie…

So anyhoo… the guy pulls them out of the case.. absolutely adorable and TINY.. and I do mean TINY TEENY WEENY the littlest peace signs ever, with the smallest fully faceted channel set diamonds just blazing away. “try them on try them on”, he says. So, I try them on….

Um… so what happened next is a bit blurry… from what I recall, my credit card accidentally fell right out of my purse and onto the counter and before I knew what had happened, I was walking away with diamonds in my ears and my “strict” $50 jewelry expo budget had gone WAY out the window. And all I can say about that is… “oops”? Oh and.. “sorry about the tier payment this month…”

So yeah.. anyway… I gots RL diamond peace signs in my earballs, and since everyone can use A Little Peace here and there, I decided I just HAD to go ahead and create some here for you all too! And at a MUCH more affordable price (than what I haven’t paid for yet). And since I almost never do anything as a “onesie”, I also did em up in a few other stones too. 🙂

So…. presenting my reasonable facsimile of teeny weeny diamond peace sign earrings Now these aren’t *exactly* the same or as tiny cuz, well, wow they can get those prims ridiculously small in RL….

a little peace earrings - diamond

a little peace earrings - aquamarinea little peace earrings - peridota little peace earrings - champagnea little peace earrings - garneta little peace earrings - sapphire

PS.. the real ones are about 1/4 the size and umm.. like 400x the price? *gack* Yeah… so I just need to sell 400 of these and then I can pay for the RL ones! So umm… earrings anyone? =)