Here’s a little Romance for Valentine’s Day. Pretty, delicate, and romantic filigree heart jewelry sets with pearl and diamond accents on a beautiful sparkling twisted link chain. Available in yellow or white gold with choice of white, black or pink pearls. Necklaces click to size and these sets are transfer!

Pearl Fan Cascade

Treat yourself or someone you love with this exquisite new collection of Pearl Fan Cascades. Stunning backdrop necklaces complete with matching earrings all featuring metal change from platinum to gold giving you two glamorous sets in one. All necklaces are click to size and this collection is transferable for easy gifting. Choose from Classic White Pearl, Tahitian Black Pearl, Ivory Cream Pearl, and Soft Pink Pearl. The Pearl Fan Cascade is the perfect choice for a backless wedding gown or any formal occasion. Available now in latest releases at the EarthStones Main Store!

Pearl Fan Cascade Set - White Pearl

Pearl Fan Cascade Set - Black Pearl

Pearl Fan Cascade Set - Cream Pearl

Pearl Fan Cascade Set - Pink Pearl

Pearl Necklace Parade!

Take a gander at the new pearl necklaces now available at EarthStones! Featuring realistic texture and designed with a natural drape and drop, all are available in Classic White Pearl, Soft Pink Pearl and Tahitian Black Pearl.

Princess Pearls
This is a princess length wrapped strand perfect for your scoop necklines or any fashion that calls for a shorter necklace. Brides take notice!

Knotted Elegance I
This is the first in the new line of Knotted Elegance necklaces! This is a single long knotted strand with a sexy open neckline. Adds the perfect touch to a fancier dress… just enough, not too much.

Knotted Elegance II
Here is the successor to the previous Knotted Elegance necklace. This is your classic knotted pearl necklace, wrapped once at the neck giving you that ever-popular sexy double strand look!

Knotted Elegance III
When you simply want to drape your gorgeous self in pearls, Knotted Elegance III is the one for you! Two strands of pearls worn together make for an indulgent triple strand look!