EarthStones All Hallows Eve Photo Contest!

It’s that time of year again, so put on your finest EarthStones jewelry, polish your bat’s wings, stir up the cauldron, spread your cobwebs and shoot your way to infamy and fortune in the EarthStones Third Annual All Hallows Eve Photo Contest!

Singles or couples, ladies or gents welcome (only a single prize pack awarded per winning photo, though).
Theme: All Hallows Eve, of course!
Deadline: Midnight SLT on October 24th.
Winners Announced: October 26th
Judges: EarthStones Staff & Management

1st place: L$5000 CASH!! AND a L$2500 EarthStones gift card!
2nd place: L$2500 EarthStones gift card!
3rd place: L$1000 EarthStones gift card!
Winning pictures will be featured in the EarthStones blog and displayed in store until November 6th.

1. Read the rules carefully – any photos not following the rules will be disqualified.
2. 512 x 512 minimum square photos, post production allowed and encouraged.
3. EarthStones jewelry must be clearly visible, only EarthStones jewelry may be worn in photos. All jewelry must be *for sale* at EarthStones (Sorry, no Lucky Chair, group gifts, freebies, etc.).
4. Maximum of 2 photos per avatar may be entered in the contest. (You may upload additional photos, but only two may be tagged for the contest)
5. Join and upload your photos to the EarthStones flickr group (PG Only, please) –
6. Inworld submissions will not be accepted.
7. Photos must be uploaded to the group during the month of October 2010. Photos entered after the deadline on 10/24 will not be considered.
8. Photos must be tagged with: All Hallows Eve 2010 Contest, EarthStones, [Jewelry Name] (ie. EarthStones Falling Leaves Necklace – Autumn)
9. Photo Description *must* include (you can include additional information, but the following is required):
Your inworld name (this will be the sole recipient of any prizes awarded)
Jewelry credits (ie. EarthStones Victorian Keepsake Locket & Earrings – Silver/Onyx)
10. Photos not properly tagged and described will not be considered.

Please contact Retribution Fall by notecard with any questions. Name your notecard [All Hallows Eve Question] – [Your Name] to ensure a response. Inquiries to any other member of the EarthStones staff will *not* be answered.

That’s it! Have fun and Good Luck!!

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EarthStones All Hallows’ Eve Photo Contest!

::::: EarthStones All Hallows’ Eve Photography Contest :::::

Prepping for the best holiday of the year? Have you been wandering graveyards, dark castles, or long lonely roads at midnight? Well if you haven’t, now’s a great time to start! Just make sure you’re wearing your favorite EarthStones jewelry, snap that fabulous photo, and enter to win a chance at over L$2000 in EarthStones jewelry, a pre-release piece, and your photo on display at EarthStones Main Store through October 31st!

(Keep an eye on the store for new releases with an All Hallows’ theme all month long)

::::: HOW TO ENTER :::::

1. If not already a member, join the EarthStones Group (search for EarthStones, no cost to join)
2. Plan the perfect outfit for the contest theme (don’t forget the pond shops at EarthBound if you *need* something new).
3. Take a fabulous picture of yourself or a friend wearing your favorite EarthStones jewelry or accessories. (PG, please. Post-production encouraged.)
4. Create a new note and rename it “All Hallows Eve Photo – [Your Name]”
5. Drag your full perm picture to the note and save.
6. Send the note to Retribution Fall before midnight SLT, Friday, October 10th.
7. Rejoice.

::::: PRIZES :::::

1st Place:
L$2000 EarthStones Store Card, a pre-release piece of EarthStones jewelry and your photo and credit on display at EarthStones through October 31

2nd Place: L$1000 EarthStones Store Card and your photo and credit on display at EarthStones through October 31

3rd Place: L$500 EarthStones Store Card and your photo and credit on display at EarthStones through October 31.

::::: DETAILS & RULES :::::

1. Please submit no more than two pictures total. Male, female and duo pictures welcome.
2. Please do not IM or ask about the contest in group chat – send a note to Retribution Fall or Abraxxa Anatine if you have any questions.
3. Please follow the submissions instructions carefully, your entry may have to be discarded otherwise.
4. Please only EarthStones jewelry in your picture.
5. Deadline for entries is midnight SLT on October 10th. We will be unable to accept entries after this time.
6. Winners will be selected based on theme, quality of photography and creative presentation of the jewelry/accessories.
7. Winners will be announced via EarthStones group notice on October 15th.
8. You do not have to be online to win, but you must be a member of the EarthStones group.
9. And, finally, all entries become the property of EarthStones and may be used, displayed or distributed at our discretion.

That’s it! Have fun! Get sexy! Get weird! Grow fangs! (if you don’t already have ’em) Howl at the moon! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!