Zahra Collection


If you loved the Twisted & Stoned bracelet I did for Twist’s Birthday, here’s the official complete collection (renamed) as promised! Organic bohemian style in a gorgeous variety of stone combinations! All available seperately so you can get just the pieces you want. Can’t decide on colors? There are fatpacks available too!

Available now at the Clothing Fair only! (New York Sim)

EarthStones RFL 2010

The big news of the day is the 2010 RFL Clothing Fair!!! EarthStones is again honored to be participating in this awesome event! The theme this year is fashion cities of the world, and EarthStones can be found in the fabulous city of New York!!

It’s the best fashion event of the year! Live music!! Fashion shows!! Photo contest!! SHOPPING!! 160 designers over 8 sims coming together to show their wares and raise money for Relay for Life! 100% of the proceeds from the purple and white vendors you’ll see everywhere are donated to the American Cancer Society, so be sure to snag some of those goodies and know you are helping a great cause!!

Here are the RFL items you’ll find at the EarthStones booth!

Just hang a left (or a right) at the Statue of Liberty and you’ll see EarthStones in the corner just down the road from the Stay Puff marshmallow man… =)

Come on down! Check out these amazing sims! Buy some cool stuff! Help the RFL! Have fun!! =)

EarthStones RFL@The Fashion Expo

earthstones at fashion expo

Dust off your ruby slippers and follow the yellow brick road to EarthStones at Fashion Expo 2009! And while you’re there, drop by the auction booth and bid on this…


One set only! The highest bidder will receive this stunning set in Amethyst and Onyx, accented with diamonds and set in shining platinum! 100% of proceeds to Relay for Life! Come support a great cause and get yourself a beautiful one-of-a-kind set!

eternal blossom majestic

Also available at the expo are these RFL editions of Karuka Special RFL editions of Karuka in amethyst and onyx. 100% of proceeds to the RFL!

karuka necklace rfl

karuka bracelet rfl

Here’s the slurl!

EarthStones Karuka Collection

Here is a unique India inspired collection of Necklace/Earring sets, and matching Cuff Bracelet/Ring sets. Some of the prims on these beauties are so small, they don’t even show in the pictures, but they sure do add a lot of prim sparkle when you see ’em in 3D!

You get both R/L hand set rings in the box, and all rings, necklaces and bracelets are click to size. There are **10 combinations** to choose from, and this collection is available ONLY at the clothing fair for its first week – AND at a REDUCED INTRODUCTORY PRICE! Save $350L off a complete set or get HUGE savings off the fatpacks! Price goes back up when it gets to the main store, so be sure to snag this deal at the fair!

Here’s the slurl: The Red Sea
See the whole collection here:EarthStones Karuka Collection





EarthStones RFL Bleeding Hearts

Here are two special editions of Bleeding Heart Jewelry for the RFL! Choose from Amethyst & Onyx or Rose Quartz & Carnelian. 100% of proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Available now at the EarthStones Main Store or come see EarthStones at the Clothing Fair – Sim 4!! (Details on the EarthStones Clothing Fair Special posting soon!!) Come help a great cause!!