To Die For

Wedding Rings To Die For!

Vintage Gothic wedding rings with a load of gemstone options! Choose shimmering black or blazing white diamond accents and from 6 large gemstones including diamond, black diamond, garnet, sapphire, amethyst, and emerald. And you can change your ring anytime to suit your mood or attire.

Her ring features hide/show from engagement to wedding set, and all rings feature multi-zone gemstone change, click to size, full bright gemstone options and are low lag scripted. Includes customizable proposal box with original animation that can be set to match the gemstone combination you wish to propose with.

View photos to see some of the stone combinations you can create with these rings.

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My Heart’s Desire Wedding Rings

Here’s the latest collection of EarthStones wedding rings, featuring a stunningly realistic heart cut diamond surrounded by shimmering brilliants. This exquisite collection features 11 gem texture change, click to size, full bright toggle, hide/show wedding band, ultra low lag scripting, and comes in your choice of gold, platinum, or a gorgeous victorian gothic setting. Available at the EarthStones Main store at New Releases or in the Bridal Section in Fine Jewelry.

EarthStones Bridal Collection

Hell has frozen over, monkeys do fly, and I’m… getting married?!?

Yes it’s true! Thanks to an unexpected ‘twist of fate’ I am now very happily SL engaged (WOOT! Huh? Say what?!) Yup yup… annnnnnnd sooooo… after a year and half on the “to do” list, I couldn’t put ’em off any longer…

Presenting EarthStones Wedding Rings!

All rings are sold in his & her sets and her Bridal Set includes a hide/show feature, allowing her to switch her ring from engagement to wedding set with just one click. All rings also feature click to size, full bright toggle, come in lovely presentation/keepsake boxes, and are of course, transfer.

If you’re planning a wedding/engagement, or are looking for a ring upgrade, I’ve got some beautiful rings for you. Find em in the main store at New Releases and in Fine Jewelry section as well as at the Jewelry Fair.

Love, love, love ~

EarthStones Bridal - Etermity PlatinumEarthStones Bridal - Etermity GoldEarthStones Bridal - Destiny PlatinumEarthStones Bridal - Destiny GoldEarthStones Bridal - Twist of Fate
Wedding Rings Photo 2 - 512

Ik hou van Twist šŸ˜‰

The Lord’s & The Lady’s Rings

Here’s a luxurious collection of regal rings fit for the royal family! These are available in your choice of Vampire Ankh, Gothic Cross or Pentacle and with Garnet, Emerald, Sapphire and onyx set in silver, gold, and black steel. All rings are accented with highly realistic diamonds, and you dont have to choose anything other than your symbol because all stone and metal options are included in every ring! Just mix and match your favorite combo and change it whenever you like!

  • 12 Combination metal and stone change
    – silver – gold – black steel –
    – garnet – emerald – sapphire – onyx –

  • Full bright toggle

  • Click to size

  • Transferable!

  • Right hand set (attach to left if you prefer)

Available at New Releases and in the Gothic room.

Lords Ring - Vampire Ankh

Ladys Ring - Vampire Ankh

Lords Ring - Pentacle Ladys Ring - PentacleLords Ring - Gothic Cross Ladys Ring - Gothic Cross