Caged Hearts

Here’s a pretty, cool, and pretty cool collection of Caged Heart necklace and earring sets! Featuring stone hearts locked in shimmering metal cages, with teeeeeny weeeeny lock and key details. These long necklaces with matching earrings are available in your choice of silver or gold with garnet or onyx. Necklaces click to size and these sets are transfer for easy v-day gifting! Find them in the EarthStones Main Store in Valentine’s Corner.

Twisted & Stoned ~ Birthday Surprise

Here’s a surprise 99L special in honor of Twist’s RL Birthday! (Happy Birthday to now sleeping Dutchie!) And this, my friends, is one you absolutely do not wanna miss!

This stunning piece features two of Twist’s favorite stones, labradorite & moonstone on twisted silver. It’s copyable, it’s click to size, and it’s offered today only at the ridiculous OMG price of just 99L! And gentlemen, if you’re into organic style, you might wanna snap this one up too. It looks totally hot on my hubby and he loves it! =)

I’m just starting this collection and it isn’t even officially named yet. =) So consider this a preview, and your lucky day, cuz once this collection is complete, I promise there is no way this is coming out at 99L! This offer is for TODAY ONLY (Monday) and never again!! Don’t miss it!! 🙂

EarthStones 99L Twisted Birthday Surprise!

Power Crystals for Men & Women

Empower yourself or someone you care about with these brand new stone and crystal point necklaces. 21 stones to choose from, all set in sterling with black silk cords. All are click to click to size and TRANSFER for easy gifting and stocking stuffing 🙂

All stones are available in both mens and women’s styles – FIND THEM IN THE CRYSTALS & COLLECTION section (42 displays too many to fit at new releases)

EarthStones Easter Hunt is ON!


This is hunt marks the 1 year anniversary of the first EarthStones hunt ever! And boy, do I have treats for you in this hunt! I gots stuff for the gals, and some unisex stuff, rings, earrings, bracelets, piercings, opals, diamonds, gold, silver, wood, fun stuff, home stuff – all kindsa stuff! ‘Cept bunnies. There is not a single bunny-anything to be found! This is all stuff you can use all year round. (I made a rhyme)

Stuff you’re going to ask:

– What do the eggs look like? –
Just like the picture. You can see a sample of the egg sitting at the bottom of the signs in the store.

– How big are they? –
You know how I strive for realism 😉

– How many are there? –

– How much are they? –
You’ll find eggs at 0L, 25L, and 50L.. unisex items say “him or her”. 🙂

– Where are they? –
That’s your job! And for all you EarthStones hunt veterans out there who think you know all my hiding spots, well… not anymore! With the redesign of the the store, there are about ohhh… a billion new places to stash tiny little eggs.

*** Just remember, eggs are not just in the EarthStones store, but hidden all around the EarthBound sim as well.
*** They are small so you must be near them or they won’t rez for you, (standing still and camming around the room won’t work.)

– What’s inside? –
I do love surprises, but here’s a peek at some of the things you’ll find in this hunt:


And finally… as many of you know, my hunts are never easy, but with such great deals to be found, this is a particularly difficult hunt. You are certainly welcome to search and whisper with friends, but please do not post lists, shout or use group chat to share locations, and *please, pretty please, don’t IM me for hints.*

Ok ready? Hunt is on! You guys are the BEST!! (please don’t kill me for making this hard) Good luck! Have fun! Happy Easter!!

*** Click here for a TP ***


Crystal Elements Necklace Sets!

Ahhhhh yes! The spicy scent of autumn leaves.. the blazing foliage… the refreshing crisp air… the fall season has arrived on EarthBound..

It’s my favorite time of year, and to kick things off I really wanted to do something special for this release. And what I’ve come up with is a brand new collection of necklaces simply perfect for your sweaters and other fall fashions!

Presenting the Crystal Elements Collection! This is a spectacular collection of long tiered crystal neckaces that has been weeks in the making and……… it’s convertible!! You get two necklaces in each box and you can wear either of them separately or both together, giving you 3 different options! Choose from earth, air, fire, water, or spirit, set in your choice of gold or silver!

Come celebrate autumn with us at EarthStones! Just grab yourself a free mug of hot apple cider at the door and take a stroll around the shops while enjoying the lovely EarthBound foliage!

Click here for a taxi!

EarthStones Beautiful Slave Bracelet Set

You need only be a slave to fashion to enjoy this collection of Beautiful Slave Bracelets. I actually own a slave bracelet something like this in RL and it’s so much fun to wear, I just had to bring them to SL for you!

Fine cut prims appear to shimmer with every move of your hand adding a sexy touch with a bit of bali flair! Perfect for flowy boho, gypsy dressings or to slip on with your casual jeans and shorts, and yes they are simply fabulous with silks.

Both Right and Left hand builds are included, so depending on your outfit and preferences, you can choose to wear one, the other or both. They are click to resize and available in 13 stone varieties, with a 40% off fatpack that also includes a free bonus set! I’m not quite certain that photos do this one justice, so come on down to EarthStones and try a resizeable demo!