Hello 2011 from EarthStones!

Wheee made it thru another year and what a year it was! *Digs out some fresh bandages* 🙂 Ok kicking off 2011 with a limited time giftie of champagne diamond earrings, available this weekend only for free if you hurry! Find em at EarthStones near new releases!


And for another new years announcement, we’re thrilled to announce that our little nook of the EarthBound woods has expanded with the addition of the EarthBound Cove region =) This serene watery cove setting serves as an expansion of the EarthDwellings main store where you can demo our current intimate furniture collection. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find there, we’ll let you discover the rest yourselves =) Free sailboat rentals are available for your enjoyment! It’s quite frosty out there tho, bundle up!!

Also available in PG versions at the EarthDwellings Main store! Come explore!

EarthDwellings on the Cove
EarthDwellings Main Entrance
EarthStones Main Store

Latest Releases from EarthDwellings

We elves have been so crazy busy over here at the workshop, I’ve once again fallen behind on the blogging. So here’s me trying to catch things up a bit with the latest from EarthDwellings. 🙂

Cute cute cute!!! Just like you played with as a kid, only not made out of plastic and no small parts to break off and swallow. Choose from Yule, Festive, or our adorable Vamp in the Box! They all play the infamous Pop goes the Weasel tune and you can try em and buy em at EarthDwellings or EarthStones Main stores. Transfer and makes a beautiful unique stocking stuffer!

Here’s a limited time special offer on a Holiday Edition of our Vintage Phonograph!! This special edition is all dressed up with festive inlays in malachite and carnelian and features 8 built in fun Holiday Classic Records, a preloaded parcel radio, volume control, is fully animated, only 10 prims, TRANSFER for easy gifting AND offered for a limited time at a SPECIAL LOW PRICE of 50% off!!!

Tweety is all dressed up for the season and ready to grace your snowy front lawn in his own snowy birdhouse with twinkle lights. It’s a special edition at a special price and available right now at EarthDwellings!! He tweets hops and talks and is as adorable as always! And TRANSFER for easy gifting. Also available at both EarthStones and EarthDwellings!

The Witching Hour Pendant Watch

The Witching Hour is upon us and so is my personal pick of the season! Presenting The Witching Hour Pendant Watches for gals AND guys! These gorgeous earthy pentacle watches are fully functional timepieces featuring a two tiered necklace with onyx stone point, 8 Stone watch faces, hourly chime with volume control, set any time zone, optional brightness control, click to size and low lag scripting. And there’s a smashing pair of earrings and even an anklet to match. Findem at EarthStones New Releases!

Parakeet Pets with Artificial Intelligence

They tweet, they hop, they move, they talk.. AND they talk back! From the EarthStones EarthDwellings division come these brand new bird cages with parakeets you can talk to!

Featuring texture changeable cages, rezzable cage covers to puttem to sleep, realistic adjustable sounds, and artificial intelligence! Choose from white, blue, green or yellow birds, and between our 16 prim table model, or 24 prim standing model.

Come on over to our new EarthDwellings store (across from EarthStones) to see em in action and have a chat with our adorable feathered friends!

Garden Falls – PG and Intimate

Relax and unwind as adjustable water sprays dance around a trickling waterfall, or rez flowers, candles and wine to create an instant romantic setting…

From EarthStones EarthDwellings division comes this beautiful and relaxing waterfall fountain! Relax alone, hang out with up to 6 friends, or have a romantic evening for two with this unique earthy fountain, available in PG and Intimate versions!

The PG VERSION features Singles & Couples hang out animations, meditation, cuddles, snuggles and smoochies. The INTIMATE VERSION includes all of the above with the addition of a shmexy intimate menu to enjoy with the one you love… or maybe even someone you just like… a lot. =) — includes facial expressions and Xcite! and Sensations compatibility. All features of both Garden Falls are controlled by a discreet built-in control console.

Both versions of the falls are transfer and make fantastic gifts for close friends, couples, and newlyweds!

The PG DEMO is located in the EarthDwellings Garden Center, and the INTIMATE DEMO can be found in the more secluded EarthDwellings Mountaintop Showroom, located behind the EarthStones Main Store. Enjoy!

Pièce Éternelle Musical Pendant Watches

Ok Ladies, it’s your turn!! The boys got their pocket watches, you get pendant watches! And these are gorgeous!!

Vintage style pendants featuring your choice of semi-precious stone or crystal and loaded with glittering marcasite! Just click the lid open to reveal the watch inside! These are jam packed with features including 6 changeable stone watch faces and our musical alarm with 5 lovely music box melodies! Plus hourly chime, snooze button, volume control, sculpted prim hands, resize, and TRANSFER!

And, to celebrate Mother’s Day, EarthStones Group Members can take advantage of 25% OFF on all items in this collection! Limited time offer! See Friday’s Group notice for details!

Musical Jewelry Boxes

Presenting a collection of beautiful Vintage Style Musical Ballerina Jewelry Boxes with searchable storage!! Open the lid and these delightful boxes play Für Elise” while a ballerina twirls inside. Access the storage with an easy to use menu driven interface for a pretty and stylish way to backup all your copyable goodies!

Find them at the EarthStones Main Store on the fireplace in the corner… near the Phonographs and Grandfather Clocks.

Chandraki Collection

EarthStones Chandraki Collection features smooth satiny woods, brilliant shining metals, and of course mother nature’s beautiful stones 🙂 This collection features some of my lesser used stones including soft blue larimar, colorful kuroit opal, a yummy tigers eye that gives me butterscotch cravings, and a brand new addition to the EarthStones family, stunning spectrolite! And there’s also onyx and mother of pearl for those dramatic “go with everything” pieces. Find the whole collection at EarthStones, Latest Releases.

Vintage Phonographs!

Gorgeous vintage phonographs with intricate stone inlay detail makes a stunning addition to your home or club decor, but more than that, thanks to the hard work on the part of a certain twisted hubby of mine, it works! OMG if he wasn’t so far away, I would pinch his little dutch cheek right off! Lookit all this:

• 10 vintage recordings including 4 classical and 6 big band giving you a full 52 minutes of recorded music!
• PLUS, it’s also a land radio! We’ve preloaded these babies with a 30 radio streams in a wide variety of genres from pop rock, to classic rock.. from smooth jazz to heavy metal, 24 hour Pink Floyd, 24 hour Grateful Dead, ambient goth, even “that Earthstones stream” so many people ask me about.. and so much more!!
• PLUS.. you can customize and add your own favorite radio streams
• PLUS.. you can set your own access list so friends can control your land radio,
• PLUS.. you get a land relay for use on group owned land,
• PLUS.. it’s fully and REALISTICALLY ANIMATED! The handle cranks, the record spins, the needle does all the needle-ly stuff you’d expect the needle to do.
• AND.. it’s only 10 prims!

Choose from Walnut with Abalone Inlay, Cherry with Mother of Pearl Inlay, or Ebony with Red Jasper Inlay.

I LOVE THIS THING!! And it’s transfer! What a great gift for any vintage lover, music lover, club or home owner!!! Come try out the records in the demo and shake a leg!