Symbolic Anklets

Here’s a nifty new collection of symbolic anklets, perfect for adding that extra spring touch to your legs. All anklets feature a big stone change collection giving you a fatpack of colors in every anklet! Just choose your favorite symbolic. All anklets are copy, menu driven, and low lag scripted. Available at the EarthStones Main Store now 🙂

The Witching Hour Pendant Watch

The Witching Hour is upon us and so is my personal pick of the season! Presenting The Witching Hour Pendant Watches for gals AND guys! These gorgeous earthy pentacle watches are fully functional timepieces featuring a two tiered necklace with onyx stone point, 8 Stone watch faces, hourly chime with volume control, set any time zone, optional brightness control, click to size and low lag scripting. And there’s a smashing pair of earrings and even an anklet to match. Findem at EarthStones New Releases!

EarthStones Grimalkin

Here’s a delightful witchy companion perfect for pagans, wiccans, and cat lovers. This mysterious grimalkin features gem changing eyes, and color changing cloak so you can mix and match and dress your kitty to suit your outfit… or spirit. 🙂 Fastens around your neck on a latex choker necklace with silver findings. Available at EarthStones.

Witches, we aren’t just for Halloween 😉

Dusk ~ (Mostly) Velvet Chokers & Earrings Collection

Presenting Dusk – a collection of (mostly) velvet chokers with matching earrings, featuring a variety of symbolic goodness. And amidst all the luxurious velvet, I also slid in a hot latex version sporting the BDSM Emblem, AND if you use the ToKon system, this one is compatible!

All chokers are click to size and tie in the back with a lovely bow. All pieces feature 5 stone change and a full bright on/off switch 🙂

Find em at New Releases or in the gothic section. Please note, these are no transfer. Enjoy!

The Lord’s & The Lady’s Rings

Here’s a luxurious collection of regal rings fit for the royal family! These are available in your choice of Vampire Ankh, Gothic Cross or Pentacle and with Garnet, Emerald, Sapphire and onyx set in silver, gold, and black steel. All rings are accented with highly realistic diamonds, and you dont have to choose anything other than your symbol because all stone and metal options are included in every ring! Just mix and match your favorite combo and change it whenever you like!

  • 12 Combination metal and stone change
    – silver – gold – black steel –
    – garnet – emerald – sapphire – onyx –

  • Full bright toggle

  • Click to size

  • Transferable!

  • Right hand set (attach to left if you prefer)

Available at New Releases and in the Gothic room.

Lords Ring - Vampire Ankh

Ladys Ring - Vampire Ankh

Lords Ring - Pentacle Ladys Ring - PentacleLords Ring - Gothic Cross Ladys Ring - Gothic Cross