HERA ~ Diamond Cocktail Rings

Story time!

Ok so…

Once upon a time I saw a ring that absolutely blew me away. Then I saw the $26000 price tag… and well.. yeah I choked. That’s USD my friends, not lindens. I spilled out my penny jar and counted my spare change, but alas… still wayyyyyyyyyyy out of reach. Yeah.

Inspired by that dream ring which I suspect at least most of us are likely to neverrrrrrrrrr afford in real life, I present the Hera Diamond Cocktail Ring collection, the first offering in a new line of jewelry by EarthStones. This exquisite collection features gorgeous new stones such as pink tourmaline, spessartite garnet, mexican fire opal, aquamarine and more, all surrounded by loads of tiny fully faceted prong set diamonds. And there’s one for every season. 🙂

Yes, it’s a far cry from the 99L specials I’ve been spoiling you all with, but it’s a heckalot less than 26000 dollars (that would be roughly around 6,890,000 lindens for those keeping track). Still I realize not everyone will be able to grab this one today, but perhaps drop a gift hint to that special someone? 😉

This one has been in the works a long time, and I hope you enjoy the Hera Collection as much as I’ve enjoyed battling with the prims to make it. 😉

Happy Holidays
~ Abraxxa ~

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