Garden Falls – PG and Intimate

Relax and unwind as adjustable water sprays dance around a trickling waterfall, or rez flowers, candles and wine to create an instant romantic setting…

From EarthStones EarthDwellings division comes this beautiful and relaxing waterfall fountain! Relax alone, hang out with up to 6 friends, or have a romantic evening for two with this unique earthy fountain, available in PG and Intimate versions!

The PG VERSION features Singles & Couples hang out animations, meditation, cuddles, snuggles and smoochies. The INTIMATE VERSION includes all of the above with the addition of a shmexy intimate menu to enjoy with the one you love… or maybe even someone you just like… a lot. =) — includes facial expressions and Xcite! and Sensations compatibility. All features of both Garden Falls are controlled by a discreet built-in control console.

Both versions of the falls are transfer and make fantastic gifts for close friends, couples, and newlyweds!

The PG DEMO is located in the EarthDwellings Garden Center, and the INTIMATE DEMO can be found in the more secluded EarthDwellings Mountaintop Showroom, located behind the EarthStones Main Store. Enjoy!

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